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Iron-Clad Security

The security features built into our platform and the Apps that run on it have been specifically designed to reduce your existing risk profile. Our Apps launch using proven Oracle technology and all our code is signed by a third party certification authority. Once our Apps are on your PC and within the confines of your firewall you can only sign onto the mainframe using your existing TSO credentials.

Oracle’s Java Web Start (JWS) technology. JWS includes the security features of the Java platform and uses the latest Java SE technology.

All Apps run within the security of your intranet’s firewall. Only users with existing TSO credentials can log on to the nominated mainframe host.

All our code is signed with a digital certificate from Symantec Corporation ensuring that only the intended code is downloaded.

The MFC Agent is less than 1% the size of a traditional mainframe product.

One Direction Deployment

Our Agent and Apps deploy directly from our website to your PC’s sandbox. This is facilitated by Java Web Start. Deployment is unidirectional which means that there is no two way portal between our website and your PC. Once the Apps have been downloaded to your PC they are unable to communicate outside your firewalled intranet.

Consistent Agent Code

Once downloaded our Agent is launched from your PC to the mainframe and connects with the host details provided during setup. Our Agent remains largely unchanged thereby minimising risk of an outage and negating the need for additional testing as new Apps are added to the platform.

Third Party Code Verification

The integrity and authenticity of our code is maintained via a Code Signing Certificate from a third party certification authority (Symantec Corporation). All our Agent and Apps are signed with this digital certificate thereby ensuring that only our intended code is deployed and launched.

User Modes

The Mainframe Cloud Platform (MfCP) allows two user modes.

Single User Mode: Allows for one MfC Agent per User.  In order to operate in Single User Mode a user must have access to the FTP Server on the mainframe.

Multi-User Mode: Allows one MfC Agent to accommodate multiple users.  In Multi-User Mode it is recommended that a Protected USERID (System USERID) is established to ensure continuous availability to the MfC Agent.  The user tasked with launching the MfC Agent is then required to have surrogate authority on the Protected USERID to start the agent.

User authority is managed through installation of our Security Interface Module (SIM).  SIM manages individual user authority and prevents unauthorised users  from having the same level of authority as the Protected USERID.  SIM installation is typically undertaken by a System Programmer (SYSPROG) and requires the SYSPROG to designate the APF authorised library where the SIM will be installed.

Try it free for 30 days

Because all of our Apps are available ‘on demand’ getting started is really simple. All you need to do is to register your details and set-up your profile. In order to set-up your profile you will need to provide relevant host information: this includes your Mainframe IP Address, System ID and the Port number. If you have any questions simply give us a call or send us an email we would be more than happy to help you get underway.