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Big-iron geeks. Rock-solid support.

Your feedback is critical in shaping how our Apps work and prioritising the features we will add into our upgrades and new releases. So we want to know what you think. Continuous customer and stakeholder involvement is at the core of the Mainframe Cloud mission. Everytime you Logon you can be confident that you are running the latest version of our software. No need for lengthy pre-installation trials or on-site technicians loading latest versions of our software.

Frank Fera

CTO & Founder

Frank is the CTO & Founder of Mainframe Cloud.  Frank is a career software developer with 20 + years’ experience in mainframe.  Although he is verbally fluent in English (and a bit of Italian) he is proficient at coding in multiple languages.

As a teenager Frank taught himself to code so that he could build computer games and impress his friends.  These skills eventually landed him a role as an Assistant Computer Operator in a Mainframe data centre. From there Frank worked at IBM and CSC before eventually landing a role at CA Technologies where he spent a large part of his career.  At CA, Frank was fortunate to work on some of the company’s most innovative mainframe applications including CA Performance Mobile, CA OPS/MVS Mobile, CA NetMaster WebCenter & ReportCenter.


Ben Pearson

CEO & Co-Founder

Ben is the CEO & Co-Founder of Mainframe Cloud. He has15 years’ experience in start-ups across a range of industries ranging from environmental management, supply and logistics, financial services, waste management and vocational training.  Ben started his career as an environmental engineer before eventually transitioning into broader business management roles.  He has worked directly for both Australian and US private equity groups facilitating change and executing the strategies required to achieve sustainable business performance and drive shareholder value. He holds both Bachelor of Science and Master of Science qualifications from the University of Technology, Sydney.



Gillian Riches

Quality Manager

Gillian is the Quality Manager of Mainframe Cloud. Her role is to assist with product testing and development. Gillian has over 30+ years in mainframe software applications, starting as a Programmer for government, large business & small not-for-profits. In 1991 Gillian joined Software Developments which later became CA Technologies. Gillian performed various roles in the quality assurance team, project co-ordination & finally project management & scrum master. Gillian has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computing from University of Technology, Sydney.



Luis Cortez

Principal Software Engineer

Luis is a Principal Software Engineer and a senior member of the Mainframe Cloud’s development team.  He has 20 + years’ experience in Mainframe operations and software development. Luis started his career as a Network Support Engineer and Systems Programmer for Philippine Commercial International Bank (PCIBank) before moving to join Citibank’s Singapore Regional Processing Center.  Whilst in Singapore Luis joined Software AG where he worked as a consultant providing technical support for SAG customers.  In 1999, Luis moved to Australia and joined Sterling Software (subsequently CA Technologies) where he worked for 16 years. At CA, Luis worked extensively on a number of CA’s Mainframe software products including NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP, Chorus, Configuration Management DB (CMDB) and SOLVE: Operations Automation.  Luis has a Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering) from the University of the Philippines.


Peter Smith

Principal Software Engineer

Peter is a Principal Software Engineer and a senior member of Mainframe Cloud’s development team. He has over 30 years’ experience in Mainframe software engineering. Peter specialises in IBM Mainframe system software design, development and debugging of high level assembler, REXX and MVS Systems Programming. Peter started his Mainframe career at Westpac where he worked for 11 years before later joining Fujitsu, IBM and CSC. Peter joined CA Technologies in 2000 where he worked on a number of applications including TCPaccess X.25 Server program, NetSpy and NetMaster. Peter has a Bachelor of Science in Computing from Queensland University of Technology.