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Mainframe Software on Demand

Simply click below to register your details and launch our software applications.

How it Works

At Mainframe Cloud, we have pioneered the ability to run software applications on the mainframe without requiring them to be permanently installed on the mainframe. Our software applications run ‘off host’ limiting the requirement for mainframe resources.

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Our Security

We recognise that Mainframes are mission critical hardware – so we take security seriously.

All our Apps launch using Oracle’s Java Web Start technology. Java Web Start provides a number of security features.


Our Apps.  Simplifying Mainframe.

All our Apps are built with the user in mind. Simple, intuitive and easy to use – no need to memorise complex commands. Navigate your way around the mainframe with a user friendly Windows style GUI.

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Explore™ is a file management application that allows mainframe users to pro-actively manage and edit mainframe datasets.
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Command™ provides a user intuitive Windows style wrapper to common mainframe interfaces including TSO and System commands, SDSF and SYSLOG.
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Try it free for 30 days

Because our Apps are available ‘on demand’ getting started is really easy. Simply register some basic details on our website and click ‘Launch’. This runs our PC Java Application via a secure one direction deployment and gets you operating  within the safety of your  firewall.  As a first time user you  will then need to provide relevant host information such as your mainframe IP address, system ID and  port number. If you have any questions simply give us a call or send us an email we would be more than happy to help you get underway.